Hope in Pictures

A light in the dark!

Have we lost all hope. Is the world gone insane. Sometimes I know it feels like it. First the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine, it seems like this world is exploding on itself. Is there any hope for this world that was given to us to love and protect by the creator.

It just breaks my heart as I know it does for everyone else to see the destruction of a country and the killing of innocent men, women and especially children who just want to live their lives as free human beings. For what reason, why do people have to do this to other humans.

But there is hope, there is a light in the dark. This world can still be filled with love and hope in all this despair, you can see it now.

Where, you may ask. The answer is right there in all this despair. People from all over the world are this light in the dark. The fight of the Ukranians to save their homeland, no matter the cost to their own self, The people of all the countries around Ukraine that are doing what they can to take in these refugees who many have left members of their own families behind to protect their homeland. Not knowing if they will ever see each other again.

People around the world who are stopping their lives to do what ever they can to help not even knowing the names nor speaking the same language, wishing they could do more. Those who are not able to do anything are praying to the GOD they believe in.

Where is this light in the dark, you may ask. The answer is simple. We are the light in the dark, we can and will light the way. Sure there will be darkness but in this darkness comes the light to show us the way.

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