Hope in Pictures inspiration


Treasure your ideas, for they are seeds that germinate in your mind, they root, shoot, and fruit into concepts and creativity that are beyond imagination

It is really hard for the seeds of ideas to germinate in my head, when my mind is filled.with all kinds of clutter. Inspiration just does not just “pop” into my head. I have to clear the weeds and start with a clean slate. Where do I start? Sometimes I just go outside and enjoy the scenery of nature, listening to the singing of the birds or the hooting of a owl. Sometimes I get lost in the flowers in the garden. (Which isn’t much now since it’s still winter). Or it could be looking at some of my previous photos to get inspired. Which is where I’m at now, as I listen to a woodpecker in the distance.

With everything that is going on in this world, as is the garden does when not weeded; your mind can get cluttered with junk. Sit back, look around and let GOD do the rest

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