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When we put my father into a nursing home in 2018 we started going through his things at his home, the house where I and my two brothers grew up. It was the only house that my parents lived in. They bought the house in 1957 right after I was born.

As we went through his home I began having memories of my childhood. It was not particularly a happy one, I really don’t recall a lot of it. But what I do remember is my grandparents on my fathers side. They were the sweetest most loving people that I had ever known.

Their deep love of their family was evident in everything they did. But what made the biggest impact on my life was their deep love and devotion to GOD, especially my grandmother. That love and devotion eventually, many years after they were gone, had a profound impact on my life and made me who I am today.

GOD took my grandmother in 1983 during one of the most damaging flood years on the Mississippi River. She was killed in a car accident that was a direct result of the flood. My grandfather lived about 10 years longer. But he was never the same.

My grandmother was the rock of their marriage, and everything she did centered around the love of her family and the love of her GOD.

One of my favorite items in my fathers house was the lamp shown above. It was the one item that I insisted I would take. It is at least 75 years old. He had it in his front window for many years after my grandfather passed away. It always reminded me when I saw it of the light that always shone through my grandmother.

The lamp is now sitting proudly atop a dresser in our bedroom, surrounded by a few more items that hold such strong memories. It had a few issues that Brian our middle son fixed and now it is as good as new.

It is a constant reminder that like the lamp I have many broken pieces, but GOD is always there to put me back together and just like my grandparents and my parents when it is my turn to see GOD I will be made new again.

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