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My journey in finding GOD, (rather letting him find me) started in 1984, when our oldest son David fell off our bed hitting his head on the hardwood floor. He had just turned 2 years old. He was playing with his cousins and like kids do they were jumping up and down, laughing and giggling, just having a great time. After falling we kept an eye on him for the usual signs, bump on his head, tired or becoming lethargic. Everything seemed fine, so we gave it no more thought and David kept playing like a normal 2 year old. My wife Nancy had enough on her plate, she was almost 8 months pregnant, so she didn’t need any more stress pile onto her.

Even before the accident, David had a tough time sleeping in his own bed through the night; but he was becoming more comfortable in his own room; by himself. That is until 4 or 5 days after the accident, in the middle of the night he came into our bedroom; because he couldn’t sleep. Little did we know that one moment would be the first of many miracles on this journey.

He climbed into bed with us and almost immediately fell asleep. Then around five in the morning we were awaken by the violent shaking of our son, we tried waking him thinking he was having a bad dream but he wouldn’t stop. His eyes were rolling back in his head and we were afraid he was going to swallow his tongue. We quickly dressed and I grabbed him and headed to the emergency room of one of our local hospitals about 10 minutes away. My wife drove as I sat in the front passenger seat and placed two fingers in his mouth thinking that would keep him from swallowing his tongue, which is what I once heard from someone; could happen when somebody was having a seizure. At the hospital we were told that it is impossible for someone to swallow their tongue. It took a couple of days before the indentions in my fingers went away.

When we arrived at the hospital, they rushed him into a room in the emergency room; trying to stop the seizures. Finally; they were able to calm him down, we were told he was having a Grand Mal Seizure, which is a loss of consciouness and violent muscle contractions, many times caused by epilepsy. It took everything in my power not to go in panic mode, knowing that my wife was panicking enough and I was afraid she was going to go into labor right then and there.

After what seemed like hours they finally got the seizures to stop and he started to calm down. They took him down for xrays of his head to see what had caused the seizure. We followed close behind. After taking the xrays the doctor went in another room and looked at the screen, there was a window between the room we were in and the room the doctor was in. I could see the screen and noticed that on one side of his brain there was a spot. I am definately no doctor but I knew that spot did not belong.

The doctor came back in to the room and began to discuss with us what was going on. He said that what he saw was a bruise on one side of his brain, and that he was going to send him by ambulance to a childrens hospital across the river in St. Louis. It was the longest ride in my life, looking into the eyes of a very scared 2 yeat old; who had no idea what was going on.

When we arrived at the childrens hospital they started running tests on him. We sat quietly waiting for who knows what, I normally am a cup half full person, but I couldn’t help but think the worse; not knowing what that could be. When he finally came to talk to us he asked us if he had taken a fall at any time. Thinking back we remembered him falling off the bed, almost a week ago. He then told us that him falling and hitting his head on the hard floor which is what caused the bruising on the brain. Normally after a few days if there is no bump then a bruise on the inside could form, which is what happened.

He went on to explain that a young child like David could have damage on half of the brain it would then rejuvinate itself and be as good as new. His main concern was making sure the seizures did not start again. He wanted to keep him in the hospital for a few days putting him on medicine that would keep them under control. He would also have to stay on the medicine for awhile after he came home.

We decided that I would stay at the hospital with David, while Nancy went home and took care of herself and the baby, who would be born 6 weeks later. After some convincing she finally went home with her mom and dad. I stayed in the room with David while he recovered and adapted to the medicine. After a few days he was ready to come home.

But that was just the beginning of the journey…………

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