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Original photo

Above is the original photo I took of a tree at our home. Below is a Photoshop version of that same tree. The above picture is dull, almost boring while the bottom is vibrant color of sky and clouds and has a lot more “personality”. I posted the top photo and it received 3 likes over a view days. I then posted the photoshop photo and that photo received 21 likes over just a few hours.

Photoshop version

Our society today looks at “plain” people, the quiet ordinary people as boring and just well “plain”. On the other hand the ” Photoshop” or colorful person is looked on as someone that everyone wants to be like. Like the model with the great shape, or the star athlete that makes millions of dollars for a few hours a day. Suddenly being “normal” is just not good enough.

Many years ago, my wife and I went to a concert at least once a year by a Christian performer by the name of Jeff Steinberg. What was so special about this Christian performer, what set him apart from the rest. Jeff Steinberg was born in August 18th, 1951, He was born with no arms and deformed legs. He spent his early years in hospitals including Shriners hospital for Crippled children in Philadelphia PA. He learned to walk with a brace and was fitted with his first prosthetic arm. At age 9, he was placed into The Good Shephard Home for the physically handicapped in Allentown PA.; until the age of 19.

So what did this “plain”, deformed human being do with his life. What he didn’t do, is feel sorry for himself and sit around and blame GOD for his life. He realized early in life that he was created by GOD and there was nothing about him that was plain or ordinary. He gave his life to the maker. He stated that GOD does not make junk. He said that he was a masterpiece in progress and was wonderfully made. If you get a chance look up an Spotify or any music streaming service and search for Jeff Steinberg, and the name of his biggest song “Masterpiece in Progress”. Not the most gifted singer but a very powerful voice of GOD.

If you are struggling with self confidence, just remember under all the color that I put in the sky and tree is still the black and white of the orginal photo. As Jeff Steinberg says in the song, you are made in the image of the SON.

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