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Lake at Gordon Moore Park in Alton llinois.

These pictures were taken just months after the pandemic hit the world with a force that hadn’t been seen in over a century. All over the world people became sick from this terrible virus, some of them with mild symptons others needed to be hospitalized and too many died. Those who weren’t sick were stuck inside, not able to work, go to the grocery store, visit family or friends. The only way of communication was through text, emails or video chat.

It was August 4, 2020 (my birthday) I had retired in April and my wife had just retired, just like everyone else our life was turned upside down. We decided that we needed to get out of the house and take a walk in the park. I took pictures with my phone and it was like everything was right with the world again. Staring out over the lake there was a peace at least for a moment that came over me and washed all the bad thoughts away. Taking in the beauty of this tiny world around me I was reminded of the world that GOD created; not the world that was on the outside.

Things are slowly returning back to normal. Once again we are able to see our kids and grandkids, we are able to go shopping, eating out or just taking a short road trip. Sure there are bad things going on, war in Europe, the pandamic has not completely disappeared. Humanity seems to be heading into a whole new direction. But through it all, we need to open our eyes and see the world and it’s inhabitants the way that it was meant to be seen.

The garden, many weddings have been performed here.
The bottom is my father in-law.

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