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Let the Light be your guide.

As I sat in the kitchen playing tug-a-war with our puppy Zoey I realized that the constant pulling back and forth is like the typical day of each and everyone of our lives. I pull in one direction while she tries to pull in the opposite direction, I pull right she pulls left I pull forward she pulls away. Sometimes she wins and sometimes I win (at least for now).

Life is a “tug-a-war”, we have goals we want to reach but we are twisted, turned and pulled every which way by the powers around us. Life just keeps getting in the way, problems at work, fights with a loved one, not being able to support yourself or your family the way you think you should. Life doesn’t seem fair.

Then; life smooths out. Life starts going your way and suddenly those wants and desires seem more attainable. Only to be pulled away from your grasp impossible to reach. The light is so far away it is barely visible.

As I sit and write this post, I realize that it wasn’t the actual pulling away that life was forcing on me was the problem it was the losing of focus, the losing of my way the giving in. Life isn’t fair, things won’t always go my way. If it did I would never reach the light, I would become lazy and stop fighting for what I believe in, looking at life through a glass half full instead of half empty. What I don’t see is the other half, the empty part it’s not there. The part that I can and should learn the most from.

As you go about life keep your eye on the path, but also look to your right then left and even back then learn from those lessons as you go, Don’t dwell on them but just take a peek. Then the path will become clearer and seem more attainable.

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