Another Easter is over, your faith has been renewed. You were reminded of who Jesus is and what he did for you. But what now; it’s the start of the new work week, and all the pressures of your day to day life, that at least for a few days were put on the back burner. All the worries about how you are going to make your next house payment, are you going to get that promotion, is the relationship with your loved one going to survive all the trials that have been building for many months.

Slowly as the week progresses you start to lose focus on what Sunday meant and you start focusing on things that pull you farther away. Soon it becomes a distant memory. You stray from what is in your heart and start feeling what your mind is telling you to feel. You’re exhausted, irritable and short tempered.

What happened; why the change. If Christ’s ressurection was the start of a new life, why is it no different than the life you were living before. The same problems, the same doubts nothing has changed. Why do you put yourself through that if nothing changes.

We are told in life not to have tunnel vision, don’t only look straight ahead. Look down all paths and make the decision that is best for us. We control what happens in our lives and looking straight ahead will lead only to failure.

In a sense that is true, you don’t want to have tunnel vision you want to see the world around you. You want to have failures because you went down a path you shouldn’t have, because without the failure you won’t achieve victory. What a boring and unfulfilling life that would be if you went down the same deserted highway never taking risks never seeing what is down the less traveled roads.

But the one path of your life that you should have tunnel vision is the path that will give you the courage to take those not so travelled roads, it will allow you to fail in order to succeed. It will allow you to see the world through the eyes you saw through on Easter day.

What is that path? It’s the path that comes from your heart not your mind, It’s looking up towards heaven and saying thank you for what GOD did for me. It’s the path that will allow you to see the beauty of the flowers as they bloom into a burst of blues, yellows and reds. The trees as the they sway back and forth in the breeze or the stars as they shine brightly in the crystal clear night.

We must “Fix our eyes on Jesus” Him and only him will protect us and lead us down the path’s of the unkown, because He has been there in all the agony and pain and suffering. He knows what we are going through, because he lived it. He’s there with us every step of the way all we have to do is let Him take our hand and lead us along the path of victory.

Then someday the end of the road will lead directly to Him and all the angels will sing because we dared to “keep our eyes on Jesus”


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