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This was my Dad’s favorite poem. It never meant that much to me, but over time since his passing, I have come to appreciate how it shaped his life in everything he did.

Throughout the years, I have been confronted with many options, each option would lead me down a different path in life. Some of these options were out of a need, not going to the seminary because of my responsibilities, and taking a certain job because I needed one. Closing our family store when there was no other option.

Others were choices that I made voluntarily, not finishing college because, well I just didn’t want to. Stayed at my family’s business when I had other options available, but was too scared or lacked the confidence to make the change.

Every path we take in our lives leads us down a path that ends at another set of choices, it is a never-ending cycle, but it is a cycle that makes us who we are. Without these choices, we would be stuck in a world that went nowhere, and our lives would be locked in a circle with no ending destination.

We know where our final destination will be, it will be with our Heavenly Father but along the way, the paths will be different for all of us. The path I chose gave me a beautiful and loving wife of over forty years, three sons, and three adorable grandchildren. The choices I made were not always the right ones, but they were the ones I made.

I had some help along the way with little tugs at the heart, but in the end, they were mine to make for better or worse. Are there regrets, well maybe a few but I know now that I had to take the regrets because this is who I became?

I can honestly say “I took the one less traveled by. And that made all the difference”.

2 thoughts on “THE ROAD NOT TAKEN

  1. Very inspiring, you’re a true writer!

    1. Thank you so much. Don’t know how much that means to me

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