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Standing Tall

You are a small person in a great big world, you look out over this great big world and all you see is pain and suffering, where is the love, where is the goodness. If God is in control then why are there wars, diseases. Where is God for the family walking into a homeless shelter, to rest and get something to eat, because the father lost his job and can’t find another one. The young mother and father standing at the foot of a grave of their only child because of a growth inside his body. Why didn’t he heal the sick like the bible says. If a loving God don’t care then why should you.

I guess these questions have been around since the beginning of time, there has always been hunger, there has always been wars and rumors of wars. People have and always will die of unfair diseases. We will no longer live to be the ripe old age of 969 like Methusalah.

But why should we care, we should care because God DOES care. He cares because he created us he formed us from our mothers womb. He loves us because we are all a child of God and he looks forward to the day when we can be with him and see him in all his glory, but only when it is our time.

As a parent there are many times when our child is hurting, scratched their knee after falling off their bike. We hold then tightly and bandage up their cut. When the person that they loved breaks up with them and its the end of the world as they see it. All you can do is listen and comfort them, and tell them everything will be alright. That’s what a loving God does.

But when our child does something that is wrong, we punish them, not because we want to but because we love them. That’s just what a loving parent does, we know that it makes our child stronger and prepares them for the life when they get out into the real world. We know that there will be good times as well as failures for them and you hope that they will be prepared for both good and bad.

That us what our loving Father does for us He allows us to experience the good and bad in this life. But what we do with the good and the bad is up to us. He can give us a nudge, but ultimately it is our decision to make. It is up to us to reach out to the homeless, to care give support for those in need.

So how do we know that God loves and cares for this world. We know because He gave us the choice. It is up to us to do what needs to be done.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”

Matthew 25:35 NIV

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