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As I sat outside in our backyard watching our puppy walking around in the light drizzle. I noticed the baseball laying in the yard by the shed. I had found the ball yesterday when I was digging around the stump of a burning bush that I had cut down last year. The ball was dirty and a little misshapen and had roots growing out of the seams. I threw the ball behind me and continued to dig.

I heard my wife laughing on the back porch. I turned around to see Zoey running around like a maniac that she is with the baseball gripped firmly in her mouth. Round and round the shed, she ran like she was in the race of her life. You would have thought that she had just received the best gift ever.

As I sit here under the protection of the overhang, trying to decide what I was going to write about for today’s blog, I smiled. What had that ball gone through in its brief life before being forgotten about and left to disappear under the burning bush? Hidden from our sight until yesterday, when it came back to life bringing joy to a young puppy. Its life has now come full circle from its beginnings in a factory. Then it was giving joy to a young child, then buried for many years until yesterday, when it was once again found. Bearing its scars and imperfections.

Sometimes in our lives, we bury our imperfections so deep in the ground that they root and grow, leaving all the joy to be buried with it. Only until we allow God to dig us up and free us from the imperfections will we once again have joy and happiness back in our lives and allow it to spread among those around us. That is the circle of life. Our Father created us, he then pulled away from the layers of self-doubt, anger, and everything else that we kept buried deep in our hearts. Then, in his last act, he brought us to him to feel the joy of heaven that is waiting for us.

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