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How many times have you lost something and can’t find it anywhere? A set of keys, your wallet, your driver’s license (not good). After an hour of looking, you get frustrated and quit. You give up. You go about the rest of your day, putting it out of your mind. Then, not even five minutes after you stop looking, it is right under your nose. The one place you didn’t look, or maybe you did look, and you didn’t see it because you were in panic mode. It happens to me all the time.

What about when you’re trying to write a letter to someone or working on a project for work? You just sit there, unable to develop anything to say or come up with any ideas. You decide to get up and walk around trying to clear your head. Slowly the ideas begin to form in your head, by the time you sit down you have it figured out.

That happened to me this morning, I usually start on the morning’s blog around 8:00 ready to be published at least by 10:00, but before I actually sit down to write it, my mind goes through a process of clearing clutter out. I do that a number of different ways like sitting on the back porch and just taking in what’s around me, letting the peace take over. The ideas then usually start coming.

This morning it didn’t happen, I could not come up with anything. After reading today’s scripture and then praying I sat down to begin. Nothing. I tried letting Zoey outside and sitting on the porch to “clear my head” but it was chilly so I didn’t stay out very long.

Letting Zoey back in, I took a sip of coffee and sat back down on my Chromebook. Nothing. There was just too much clutter, then Zoey started whining looking into the dining room. I walked over to the gate, looked into the dining room and saw her pink dinosaur on the floor, I got it for her she took it her tail wagging.

I sat back down, almost immediately she began jumping on me with that dinosaur in her mouth, I would tell her to get down she would jump back up slamming that stuffed toy into my arm. It was obvious that she wanted to play. So, I took the toy and began throwing it at her. She would run and fetch it, slam it against my arm, I’d throw it again. She’d fetch it, bring it back to me, I’d throw it again. We did that for about ten minutes, with a little tug-a-war mixed in. I then told her one last throw, so after I threw it so ran, picked it up, and laid down on her blanket.

As I was playing with her, my mind began to clear and I was able to come up with this post. She was the perfect distraction and she ended up being the center of it.

Distractions are a part of life, no matter how hard you try they will always be there, “interrupting” the important work that needs to be done but maybe they aren’t distractions, just maybe it’s part of the plan. Maybe we need those distractions to see the whole life picture. The way that God wants us to see it.

I didn’t quite make 10:00 but that’s alright, I welcomed the distraction and it taught me a lesson.

Zoey’s First Snow

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