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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

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Why are we here? The old cliches, to care for the planet, to love one another. Those are all true. God put us here to protect the planet, for he created this earth and everything in it. To love one another, true that is one of the ten commandments, so that also is an important reason. But is that all there is to it?

I think Mark Twain was right; the day we were born was an important day. It’s the day that we became part of his creation. Of course, we were part of his creation before we were born, but with our birth, we became part of the physical world of his creation. And because we are part of God’s creation, loving one another is also part of the plan; because he loves us.

But why are we as individuals placed at this location, at this particular time? Why not one hundred, two hundred, or even a thousand years earlier? Or a thousand years in the future. Why are we given the parents we have or our spouse and children?

Of this whole big, entire universe, why planet earth? What is so special about this planet that life is put here and nowhere else? Why did God put the trees, the mountains, and rivers on earth, while you see other planets looking desolate and unlivable?

The answer, I don’t really know. But maybe that is the reason, He doesn’t want us to know. Maybe if we knew the reasons, the wonderment of this earth and its beauty would not affect us the way it does. If we knew the reasons, does it mean we would also know what happens in the next chapter of our lives? Would life just stop if we knew how it all ended?

Maybe the reason we are here is to ask those questions, to wonder why we are here now, and to make a list of all the questions that we have ever wondered about. Then when it is time for us to meet him in heaven, he can sit us down, put his arms around us and tell us the complete story.

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