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“For no word from God will ever fail.”

When God sent the rainbow to Noah, he made the promise that never again would he destroy the earth. The rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and the mountain peaks reappeared from the depths of the sea. Life began anew with the promise that God would protect them and keep them safe.

God’s promise does not mean that things will always go the way we want. It means that he will never fail us and he will never leave us alone in our struggles. It means that despite the pain and suffering we go through, Christ, will always be by our side. Hand in hand as we walk through our deepest valleys, he will be there when we come out on the other side.

He gave this promise to us through the rainbow that we see after an afternoon storm, and the sun peaks through the dark storm clouds. He gave his promise through the death of his son on the cross, then through his resurrection on Easter morning.

He gives the promise through the spring rains that bring life back to the trees with the colorful blooms, and the flowers that break through the cold hard earth. Before once again starting the cycle all over again.

When Noah and his family climbed off the ark onto the dry land, they had not seen for forty days and forty nights. They were given new life with the promise that God’s love is never ceasing. At the peak of the rainbow is his hand holding it up, never letting it fade away.

that promise still holds true today, tomorrow….. forever.

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