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A blink lasts a short time, but in that blink, the entire world around you changes; a bird sitting on a branch, you blink, and it’s gone. A raindrop falling from the sky, shut your eyes for a second, and it is forever unrecognizable in a puddle on the ground. Your child is standing with you one second at the store, the next he disappears. You’re looking frantically until you find him a few aisles over in the candy aisle. (where else would he be).

Life moves so fast that there is nothing you can count on to stay the same. The world will never be like it was a century ago, a year ago, a month ago. Even the last second will differ from the one before.

In 1983, we took our 6-month-old over for a visit with my grandparents. They were the sweetest, most loving people that I have ever known. While there, we took a picture of David sitting next to my grandmother, who knew that it would be the last time we would ever see her again.

A few days later, she would die in an automobile accident. She had back problems and could not wear a seat belt. She was thrown completely out of the car. My grandfather; who was driving had his seatbelt on. He survived with broken ribs and some cuts and bruises, but his life would never be the same.

My life changed forever as well on that day. Never again would I be able to talk with her about the garden she was so passionate about or the birds that she loved watching. One moment in time she was there, sitting on the couch holding David, the next she went to be with her Father in heaven, suffering no more pain.

We take for granted what we have in this life, the lives of those around us. We don’t cherish the freedoms that we have or the people that are intertwined throughout our lives. The people who help make us who we are. Here one second gone the next.

We hold grudges against the people who have “wronged” us, not giving a second thought to what it has done to them or ourselves. Until it’s too late to make a difference, we just hold on to those feelings. Left is a big hole in our hearts that can never be filled.

We must cherish the brief moments of our life, for without those moments there is nothing to build on. Those moments will lead us to the next. Cherish the ones who take up those moments because when the next moment arrives, they may not be there.

Look up to heaven and be thankful for the one who has given us those moments to cherish.

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