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There was no laptop computer when I wrote for the first time over forty years ago, nor was there spellcheck making sure I spelled everything correctly. Nobody had ever heard of Grammarly to help you write in a way that was easiest to understand. Paper, pencil, and many erasers were all that I used, and trust me, the eraser was in constant use. Were there grammatical errors? Yes, and I had to empty the trash can constantly; because I wanted to go in a different direction, or the paper filled with dark spots because of all the mistakes I was making.

Today, the usage of technology has made life much easier, quicker, and it makes us look smarter. The biggest drawback for me, at least, is when I wrote with paper and pencil, I wrote down instantly what thoughts were coming to me. There wasn’t the clutter of constantly stopping to correct a misspelled word or rewriting a sentence that made little sense the way I originally wrote it. Or even worse, having Grammarly correct it for me. Inspiration came from the heart and what came from the heart came from the spirit nudging me along the way. It flowed smoothly from the heart to brain; then to paper with no stoppage of thought.

Does that mean I am going back to using paper, pencil and, eraser? Of course not, but what it means is that I have to find a balance between keeping the pathway open to the spirit with as few distractions as possible, and still allow the technology of today to do its magic.

God gave us the intelligence to come up with and use the technology of today, but what he wants more than anything is not to use it as a crutch but to use it as a vehicle to spread his word of hope, love and forgiveness to the entire world.

I pray that I always remember all the material things that I have in this life are from God and not a replacement for God, and that I have the wisdom to know the difference.

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