daily inspiration thankfulness


Have you ever felt that tiny tug at your heart, the one that sends chills down your spine or warms the insides of your chest? It tries to pull you in the direction you didn’t really want to go. You think about it for a moment, unsure if it is the right thing to do. Then it’s gone, just like that. Did you follow it, or did you continue in the direction you were heading in the beginning?

Have you experienced the faraway voice that gently puts a thought in your head, whispering to you the words to say that would comfort a friend? Or has the voice gently urged you to pick up the phone and call that member of the family you haven’t seen for years because of an argument you had? Now, it seems so insignificant and petty you don’t remember what it was about. Did you act upon it, or did you ignore it because you didn’t want to put yourself out there, or you just don’t have time?

Those moments are with you for only a short time, for a fleeting second. Then they’re gone, buried beneath the clutter that fills your day. Those thoughts are a gift from the creator. They’re not forced upon you but given to you through a gentle tug or quiet voice. You are completely free to do with them what you want. Will they return or will they evaporate into the land of forgotten memories?

We are all given choices in our life, free in the actions we take on those choices, whether right or wrong. The actions we take will affect our lives. They are part of who we are and who we will become. Listen to the soft beating of your heart, or the still gentle voice whispering inside your head, for they are a gift from the one who created you. They are to be used as the gift that you can give back to the ones who need it the most.

Let the spirit be your guide.

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