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The test of time. What does that mean exactly? When you take a test at school, your grade depends on how many questions you answered correctly. The more you get right, the higher the grade, but what does that have to do with time? Life is not a classroom where every correct answer raises your score, and everyone you miss lowers it. You don’t fail in life if your score isn’t high enough.

In a way, you are graded on the answers you give to the questions that pass through your life; the path you choose is the answer to the direction your life will take. Is it pass or fail? Not really, it’s just the course chosen.

When a river flows downstream, its path depends on the land it runs through. If the ground is straight, then the direction of the river will be straightforward, but if the land curves in any direction, the river will follow that same path.

The rushing water may pick up debris that gets in its path along the way. Maybe a branch from a tree falls in the river, and it is carried downstream until it reaches its final destination, where the water leaves it behind. Or, maybe the branch is taken onward until the river runs to the end of its travels.

Sometimes the course of the river changes direction; due to heavy rains, the water floods the land so much that it stays there, making the river wider. Or there is very little rain, and the river is narrower in spots making the distance much shorter. Whatever the change might be, it occurred because of what is happening around it.

Life doesn’t always follow the straight and narrow. It has twist and turns that take you in differant directions allowing you to see things that you may have not seen otherwise. It gives you a whole new perspective, along the way it gives you new questions to answer. How you answer them will change the course of your life.

As you travel through your life, you have a choice on whether the debris you collect along the way gets left behind or is carried with you to your final destination.

The answer to that question is totally up to YOU.

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