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Has the world lost its faith and hope, or have we humans forgotten what it’s like to believe in something even if we can’t see, feel or hear it. There is so much hate, anger, and mistrust today that it drowns out all that is good. We carry grudges that should be left behind, buried so deep that all you see is bad. Nation against nation, leader against leader. Countrymen against countrymen, even family members against other family members.

We can’t see beyond the scars and Imperfections that we all have and carry with us, constantly clouding our awareness of those around us. As the years go by, those burdens multiply one on top of the other until they become a mountain we cannot climb down.

The clouds of self-hate and self-doubt hang over us and around us so much that we can’t see beyond our own noses. We can’t see that our neighbor is on a much higher mountain peak. His cry for help is drowned out by our own cries.

Does that make our lives any more meaningless or less important? Does it mean that those feelings we have aren’t real? It’s our own imagination running wild. No, our self doubts, self loathing are real to us we have years and years of our lives to prove it. The photo of every mistake, every mistep we make is forever photographed in our memories and placed into a photo album for us to see, knowing that the previous photo won’t be the last because there are countless of empty sleeves remaining.

The photo album of our life is what we see of ourselves, thus it is also what we see in those around us if we are bad then they have to be bad as well. If we fail to see any good in ourself then we can’t possibly see good in anyone else. Thus we have lost all hope and all faith in all of mankind. Wars break out violence erupts and mistrust spreads.

Right now this world seems lost in its own mistrust, its own mountain that it hasn’t even reached it’s peak. So what can we do before the top of the mountain explodes and all this anger and hatred flows down on us? How do we erase the photographs of all that is wrong from our memory? How do we once again see the good in people instead of the evil?

The answer is simple and the way is life changing. The answer is that before we can see the good in others we must see the good in ourselves. We must one by one pull those photos out of the photo album and throw them at the foot of the cross. Then we must refill the album with the beauty of God’s creation, and that creation begins with us, for we were made in the image of our Father. We must forgive ourselves before we can even begin to forgive others.

Once we do that then the rest is easy, we leave it up to God.

So, has the world lost all faith and hope, maybe but with the help of our Father in heaven it can recover one person at a time starting with us.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Please help me continue to spread hope and peace to all those who read my blog. and continue to keep me in your prayers that I will keep God first in all I do. GOD BLESS!

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