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Everyone has this moment in life when they think, “why is this happening to me” or “life just isn’t fair.” Nothing seems to be going your way, and it seems that no matter how hard you try, it never changes, even getting worse. The worse it gets, the more you sink into despair and self-pity. You tell yourself, when is this going to end, or will it ever end?

When our boys were young, we lived “in the country” we had three acres of land, and you could see for miles, especially to the north. With an approaching storm, it was a breathtaking sight. The dark clouds roll in, and the wind swirls them in different directions. Lightning strikes in the distance, and you listen for the rumbling thunder cascading like a sonic boom. Then the rain moves in, gentle at first; you can see it coming in from a distance; then, as the storm moves closer, the heavy rains begin with the wind pushing it sideways, splashing against the sliding glass doors. I would stand at the door, mesmerized by the sight and sounds.

On the other hand, our oldest son would pace and sometimes run back and forth from the back door to the front window in panic, saying: “has it ever been this bad” or “is it almost over?” I couldn’t understand why he was panicking, and he could not understand why I wasn’t. We looked at the storm from a whole different perspective. I felt a sense of peace while he was filled with uncertainty and dread.

Our lives will be filled with storms, and how we handle those storms depends on our perspective on them. What have we learned from those storms? What could we have done, or how could we have acted differently? Are we filled with self-pity, or are we determined to plow forward through the storm, fighting the winds of despair as they blow against us? These questions and how we answer them go a long way toward who we are; they are part of our makeup.

Eventually, the rain will end, the winds will die down, and the rainbow will appear in the sky. The storm will become nothing but a memory. Then it’s time to open the patio door, step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the breeze as it gently blows around you.

Another storm will eventually come along; what will we see in the end. A rainbow making its way across the sky, reminding us that everything will be alright. Or will the storm send us in many directions, making us wonder if it can get any worse?

If you could help me in any way so I can continue to spread God’s word. But more importantly, let it be His will, not mine.

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