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Though I retired two years ago. I still get the sense of disappointment on Sunday evening, knowing that the weekly routine starts all over again. Weekends always seemed to go much faster than a workday. I would always say that a weekend only had twelve hours in a day, and a workweek would have thirty-six. Except for Monday and Friday when they had forty-eight. When I first started working in our family business, my weekend was one day, Sunday which I felt didn’t even last twelve hours (confused yet). Of course, I knew it wasn’t true, but it sure felt like it.

Now that I am no longer stuck in that routine, I realize that I was looking at it all wrong. Saturday would feel like a vacation, I would be in a good mood and sleep in a little longer. Feeling refreshed, ready to celebrate my weekend off. Sunday morning comes along and I still am enjoying my time off, but as the day went on, the sense of dread would build to an extent that I was not enjoying the evening. I would become quiet and distant.

I realize now that it wasn’t that I didn’t like my job, or was unhappy it was because I wasn’t using my days off the way I should have been. God made the universe in six days, then on the seventh, he rested. He used that day to look out over everything he created and was satisfied (Genesis 1). He was proud of everything he accomplished in those previous six days.

He used the seventh day to rest his spirit and did not give a second thought to what he was going to do on Monday morning. When Monday morning came he looked at it with a totally new perspective, what was he going to do to make that first day of the workweek fresh and different. Each day would come with new challenges that he could meet with a sense of calm and purpose.

He would look out over the Garden of Eden, and watch over Adam and Eve with joy and pride. When disappointment came along, he could think of solutions with a clear mind, not overdoing or overthinking. Each day had the same twenty-four hours whether it was a Sunday, Monday or a Tuesday.

I now realize (or learning), that each day is a gift from God, and each day has its own purpose, I am enjoying life one day at a time and looking forward to what exciting things will happen the next day, Twenty-four hours later.

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