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My wife and I took a ride down the Great River Road yesterday, from our home in Alton to the state park, Marquette Park. Almost the entire drive is along the Mississippi River. Along the way is the historic river village of Elsah, after making the drive through the village, we continue into Grafton, Illinois about five miles upriver from Elsah. A few miles north of Grafton is the Brussels Ferry which takes you to the village of Brussels (hence the name). Brussels had a population of 141 people in 2010, no change from the 2000 census. It is the headquarters of the “Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge” which is noted for its population of Bald Eagles. The refuge is named after the two great rivers that flow together close to the village, Illinois and the Mississippi Rivers.

A few miles north is Marquette Park, the park contains a campground, lodge and cabins. You can also take a scenic drive through the hills around the park that gives you breathtaking views of the river and the rolling hills all around.

Across the highway from the main Park is an area where you can have a picnic or just walk the shores of the river. The above picture is where I took this photo I forgot to bring my camera so this was shot using my phone, it was a sunny day so the picture could have been a little better. This family of geese were walking in the grassy area of the park making their way to the river, with the mother in the lead they arrived at the bank and started entering the water. Something must have spooked the mother, she begins to flap her wings and splashing in the water to get her young flock back onto dry land. When she felt that they were safe she guided them back into the water, to continue their journey down river.

As I looked at the picture this morning I was reminded about how the shepherd takes care of his flock. As long as they follow him they will be safe and protected, but if any wander off they become lost and alone. But, the shepherd always knows where his children are and he gives them a gentle nudge bringing them right back into the safety of his loving arms.

across river is portage des sioux power plant.

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