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Are we masters of our own fate, or are we prisoners of our minds? Is the direction we travel up to us, or are we destined to travel down the road assigned? In my opinion, yes and no. That just clears everything up, doesn’t it?

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When Adam and Eve were created, the Garden of Eden was their home. They were free to do whatever they wanted and eat anything that looked appealing to them, except for the tree of knowledge, the crispy, juicy, shiny red apple. They had the pick of the whole garden, but temptation took over, and with minimal effort, the snake convinced them that the apple was the most delicious food in the entire land.

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Did they choose to eat from the tree of knowledge on their own, or was it part of God’s divine plan? I don’t know if it was part of His plan, but eating from the tree was their decision to make, and because they made the decision they were thrown out of the garden. They were forced to learn the skills of growing their own crops, hunting for their own meat, and building their own shelters to protect them from all the elements that the skies could put on them.

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Those skills were to be vital to their children and for the generations of children to follow. Their decision to disobey God gave mankind the knowledge to improve every aspect of life from how we grow food, to how I am writing this blog.

We are given the ability to make our own choices, to choose the path we take. We can obey God or we can choose to fall to the fruit of temptation and take a bite out of the apple.

Whatever decision we chose, whatever path we take in the end we will end up right where God intends us to be. So in a way, we can control what happens in our lives, but the final destination is decided by the love and mercy of our Father. Just as he forgave Adam and Eve for their disobedience, so he forgives us for ours.

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