The gentle sound of thunder in the distance


Photo taken by me.

I was sitting on our back porch this morning watching Zoey, our ten-month-old puppy, run around the wet grass of the backyard. Storms (which had woken said same puppy) at 5:00 in the morning brought a cool breezy feel to the mid-spring morning.

As I sat on the porch with a cup of coffee in hand, I could hear the rumblings of another storm approaching in the distance. The sky was becoming darker. The trees were quickening their dance as the wind picked up and swayed them from side to side. It was off to a good start after the meteorologist said that it was going to be a stormy day.

I have always enjoyed the sights and sounds of an approaching storm, the rumbling sound of thunder as it vibrates across the sky, coming from all directions as if there were speakers across the entire heavens, the sounds of the wind and then as the storm, approaches closer the gentle pitter patter of the raindrops , slowly picking up its intensity.

Of course, Zoey didn’t have that same feeling, and when a loud clap of thunder filled the air she ran to the screen door, looked up at me with those sad eye, as if to say; come-on dad, let’s go in.

As I sit here at the kitchen table, my thoughts go to Moses, as he was climbing up Mt. Sinai to receive God’s law, the drums of thunder starting quietly in the distance, increasing in intensity as he approached the burning bush. To the people down at the foot of the mountain, the rumblings must have sounded like an approaching storm. They just continued on with their partying. There was nothing to worry about in their minds. But they did not know what the approaching storm would bring down on them, and the effect it would have on the nation.

What do we do when those distant claps of thunder, just barely noticeable, appear in the back of our mind? Do we push them aside as if it is just noise, and go on with the party, or do we listen to it until it is close enough that it becomes a voice clear enough to understand?

Is it noise or is it the voice of God? The decision to decide is up to us, but as for me I’m going with the latter!

As I sit here now, the storm has passed and the thunder is once again in the distance. In a very short time, it will only be a memory forgotten, never to return again, at least not this one. There will be new rumbles, new voices. Is it thunder? Or is it THE VOICE OF GOD!

Photo taken and edited by me.

I want to wish my wife a very happy birthday, she keeps me humble and grounded. She is now the same age as me, at least for a couple of months. Love you very much, Nancy.

2 thoughts on “The gentle sound of thunder in the distance”

  1. I love it when a thunderstorm approaches. Always a reminder of God’s awesome power. Good to discover your blog and I look forward to seeing and reading more from you! Best wishes, Steven

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. It means so much to me, and inspires me to continue to do God’s work.

    God bless you and your work, which I will follow

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