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Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer Almighty God, the Father of us all, in whom we live, and move, and have our being — we worship You, and give thanks unto Your great and holy name. Our hearts are full of memories of Sunday. May we be like those who have walked amid fragrant flowers, and may we bear the perfume on our very garments. May we be more joyful, more trustful, more holy, more loving, more prayerful — because of the holy influences which yesterday saturated our lives. You are the God of the evening and of the morning. Every day is a new footprint, showing where You have walked in love. We thank You for the day which is shining now for us. We need Your presence with us through all the hours, for we do not know what is veiled in them for us: what duties, what problems that must be solved, what decisions that must be made, what responsibilities that must be met, what surprises of joy or of sorrow, what temptations, what conflicts, what dangers. We know not — but You know, and we are not afraid to leave all with You. Bless us with peace, and with wisdom and strength for what is before us. Take our hands and guide us. We consecrate ourselves to You this day, O God, for life and service. We are Yours, and we must present ourselves a living sacrifice unto You. We would live only for You. Help us to renounce all claim on ourselves, and to be Yours indeed. If we shall be called to any hard duty, task, or service — give us grace to accept Your will cheerfully and do what will please You. Work in us deeply by Your Spirit, continuing the renewal of our nature, and building us up in holiness and righteousness, through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen. https://www.youdevotion.com/daily-prayer/miller/51/morning #taptapstudio #youdevotion

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