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Throughout our lives, there will be mountains to climb. Some peaks will be small hills, while others will be as high as Mt. Everest. The difficulty level of reaching the top will vary according to height and the obstacles in your way. At the start of the climb, looking up is never a good idea; it would be too tempting to step down and walk away.

It’s a long way to the top, and there will be obstacles in your way, giving you pause. As you climb higher, you glance upwards, but the peak is nowhere to be seen. Is this worth it, or should you give up? Knowing that the view at the top will be a unique experience, you continue the climb until you get to the point where you are closer to the top than to the floor below. 

You think to yourself, what is on the other side of the mountain? You are almost to the top, and the excitement builds. Will the effort be worth it, or will you be let down because the view is the same as when you started? 

Becoming successful in life is never meant to be easy. If it was, the reward would mean nothing. It would be as if you deserved it, handed over to you on a silver platter. Life would be taken for granted with no surprise from the top.

You made it; you took that last rock and pull yourself to the top of the mountain. Standing up, with eyes closed, you take a deep breath and open your eyes. The cool breeze blowing through you and what you see below is breathtaking. Standing in awe at what you see, you decide that the effort was worth it, set your mind, and do it. Turning around, you look at where you started from, realizing that the way up was even more rewarding.

As we climb the mountains of life, enjoy the journey to the top, because once we arrive it will be much more rewarding. There will be genuine pride in what we accomplished. Then we prepare ourselves for the next mountain, with the knowledge, that no matter how big or small, we can enjoy the walk.

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