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My evening post is usually used for a time of prayer, Tonight I would like to continue that but in a whole different context. For those who are reading this post outside of the United States. We as a country are mourning the deaths of at least 19 young children and at least 2 teachers, shot to death in an elementary school in southern Texas. The shooter is an 18 year old.

The reasons and the cause of this senseless shooting is not of importance at this time. That information will come out in the following days and months. Now is the time to pray for the parents and families of these innocent children. and the familes of the 2 teachers that lost their lives trying to protect these students. There are still many children being hospitalized and their condition is still unknown.

All humanity needs to get down on our knees and ask for the help of our Father, and we need to do it sooner than later. This world is so full of hate and anger, and the only way to turn this around is through the creator.

I ask now that all who read this blog please pray for all the families involve in this shooting. Then pray for all of us as we head down a road leading us to a very dark place.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and all my other posts.

May God bless you all and give you peace.


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