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Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer Our heavenly Father, You have told us that You love us and care for us. We gather about our family altar again to accept the assurance of Your love, and to accept Your care. We are Yours — not our own. You have made us — You have redeemed us. Your marks are upon us — the marks of the Lord Jesus. We are confident of Your keeping, and so we put our lives into Your care. Help us to be good children. Let us not grieve You by our sins, nor by unbelief, nor by leaving the way of Your commandments. May we be . . . faithful in all our duty, diligent in all our task-work, constant in our devotion to You, and helpful among Your children. May it please You to make our home more and more happy and loving. Preserve us from all those bickerings and strifes which mar the sweetness of so many homes. May we learn to live together as a family in patience and kindliness. May we bear with one another’s faults and foibles. May we be thoughtful toward each other’s weaknesses, and not be aggravating in our words and conduct. Thus may we each contribute toward the happiness of our home, and the good and edification of the others. Make our home more and more the center of holy influences. May its light stream out so as to brighten other homes — and make other lives safer, stronger, and truer. Help us in all ways to be . . . sweeteners of the world’s bitterness, comforters of its sorrow, strength for its weakness, and life for its death. We make confession of our sins. We look to You for protection and guidance. May You walk with us through all the day’s path and keep us from stumbling. Get us safely home at last. We ask through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen. https://www.youdevotion.com/daily-prayer/miller/54/morning #taptapstudio #youdevotion

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