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Evening Prayer

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Evening Prayer We thank You, our Father in Heaven, for the love which always shines about us from Your face. We thank You for the quietness and peace which are about us at this evening hour. May the deep peace of Heaven be in our hearts. Teach us the lesson of quietness and confidence, and help us to abide in the restfulness of Your own love. Our hearts go out in compassion for the world. Lives are degraded and debased. The whole creation groans and travails in pain together. We long to do something to help this sinning world, and to lift ft out of its bondage. Show us what we can do. Give us true pity for the lost. May we have something of Jesus’ compassion, who gave His life to redeem the lost. We think also of the world’s sorrow. On every hand we find grief. Hearts are breaking. Homes are in mourning. Teach us to sympathize with the sorrowing everywhere, and help us to do something to lighten the burdens of affliction, and to comfort those who are in grief. Accept what we have done today for You. What we have wrought, seems very small to human eyes — but to You, nothing is small which is done in the name of Jesus. Take our little things, our gentle deeds, our touches of sympathy — and use them to make the world holier and sweeter. May they start influences which shall go on forever, repeating themselves from heart to heart. Keep us safely through the hours of unconsciousness. Let no accident befall our home. May our first waking thought in the morning be of You. Bless us and prepare us for the duties and experiences of the new day, We ask all these favors in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. #taptapstudio #youdevotion

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