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Photography has become a new love of mine in the past few months. I have always enjoyed “taking pictures,” but actual photography was never necessary, partly from my daughter-in-law’s enthusiasm and the loaning me of her old digital camera. I began to understand the difference.

Photography is not just about the picture; it is what the image means to you. Does it make you happy or sad? Does it calm you or bring you excitement? What kind of memories does it inspire. 

It allows you to see the world around you differently, focusing on the entire picture, not just a passing glimpse. The colors of a flower are so vivid; you can almost smell the fragrance. The deep blue of the sky and the sun’s brightness allow you to feel the warmth or the coming of a storm when the sky is gray and overcast.

Photography, combined with my love of writing, has done something more important for me inside. It has allowed me to look at the world around me differently, as if the whole world is one big photograph that brings out every emotion and feeling in such a dramatic way. I am beginning to “stop and smell the roses,” as the old saying goes. I am beginning to see people with a different perspective, and not as I think they should be.

Most importantly, I am becoming closer to God because I am beginning to see the world how he sees it and feel the pain of those suffering. The world can be such an evil place, but beauty is all around me. The only thing I have to do is focus on the good around me, and suddenly I am filled with hope that love will win out in the end.

I can not change the whole world, but hopefully, I can make a difference to at least a small, tiny portion of it. That is what I believe God is showing me, and I pray that I am willing and up to that task. 

“By your will Lord, not mine” Amen!

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