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Morning Prayer 5/30/2022

Morning Prayer O God, most merciful — bless us this morning. Lay Your hand upon us, in a Father’s blessing. May the grace of the Lord Jesus be upon us and in us all the day. Let Your word abide in our hearts richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing us. May it be so hidden in us, that it shall keep us from sin. May the power of Your Spirit rest upon us through all this day — cleansing and purifying our thoughts and feelings and all our inner life, and impelling us to holiness in our walk and conversation. May it please You, O God, to guide us today and keep us in all our experiences. Keep us from carelessness. Let us not drift away from the holy truths we have been taught, nor from Jesus Christ our Savior. Let us not become entangled in the affairs of this world in such a way that we shall lose any of the sanctity of our lives. Though in the world — let us not be of it. Help us to maintain a godly life in the midst of all that is ungodly. May our citizenship always be manifestly in Heaven, even though for the time we are dwelling on this earth. May we be true pilgrims, looking for a city which has foundations, whose maker and builder is God. Let us not love this world — as if we would always stay in it. Let a personal blessing be upon each one in our family. Our needs are different. Tenderly care for those of us who are weak. Shelter any of us who will be exposed to temptation today, and let us not fall. If any unforeseen trouble or sorrow lies in our path, prepare us for it, that we be not surprised by it into sinning. May we each carry out into the world a power of love and grace which shall bless the world. We ask all for Jesus’ sake. Amen. #taptapstudio #youdevotion

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