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Evening Prayer 5/31/2022

Evening Prayer Father in Heaven, we, Your children, pray to You at this holy evening hour. Your blessings have followed us every day, and have sheltered us every night. We are weak, mere infants in this great world — but Your strength has ever enfolded us and Your love has ever warmed our hearts. This evening we seek new blessing. May Your holy love enter into our hearts and fill them, and may the beauty of the Lord Jesus be upon us. We have met many people today. May our words spoken to one and another, as we hurried on — not be lost, nor be in vain. May they be as good seeds, and may they grow in the path, making beauty wherever we have gone. If we have spoken wrong words — may You forgive them, and grant to us an opportunity in some way to say some good word which may counteract the evil influence. May You bless to each of us, the touches and influences which other lives have left upon us. Let no marring be upon our character, because of any wrong that may have been done to us or in us today. We ask You to bless and sanctify our friendships. Preserve us from any friendships which would do us harm, which would entangle us in unholy or hurtful relations, which would be injurious to our character. We would have for our personal friends, only those who are holy, whose influence over us will be helpful and inspiring. Choose our friends for us — and help us to be true and faithful as friends. Help us to cultivate our home affections and all our friendships, so that they may become more true, deep, and holy. Then may we always have You for our best and closest Friend, for Your love is everlasting. We ask all this in the name of our precious Savior. Amen. #taptapstudio #youdevotion

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