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What would life be like without a Heavenly Father to protect and guide us? To give us hope in a time of need and inspire us to move forward no matter the circumstances. There are so many things in our lives that are entirely out of our control. They can send us spiraling in a direction that we could never come back from if He wasn’t there to put his arms around us and protect us from dark places. Without Him, there would be no direction in our lives except the one to follow our own whims. To go with our desires or to “follow the crowd.”

Unfortunately, I sense the country I love with all my heart heading down this dark path. God has already, many years ago, been taken out of our schools and is being replaced with a secular belief that can not possibly end well. We are told that we are not to be comfortable with who we are and how we were created.

We are to expect the country to hand us anything we need on a silver platter. But what we don’t as a people consider is that with every handout we receive, one of our God-given rights is taken away.

If we don’t agree with those “in charge,” we are viewed as traitors; we only think of ourselves; we are racist. The destruction of family values is one of the most destructive things in this country and the world over. Without that structure, we are doomed to a disasterus end as a society. It saddens me deeply that this is the path we seem to be choosing.

We no longer listen to one another; we pretend to, but in the end, we judge those that have different views as the enemy. We shut the door of conversation, locked it, and threw away the key.

I know only one locksmith that can re-open the door of conversation and, more importantly, forgiveness. The locksmith must be called for him to come, but to call it will be expensive; we must give up ourselves once again. But, not calling will be of even more significant consequence; it’s a price we can not afford to pay.

I pray that before this country has reached the point of self-destruction, we call the locksmith and be willing to pay the price, just as he paid the ultimate price to save us. He is ready, willing, and able to do it; all we need is to get on our knees and call, and to call is free.

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