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Evening Prayer 06/04/2020

Evening Prayer Our Father, what shall we render unto You for all the mercies and kindnesses of this week received from Your hand? We have walked all the days with You and You have kept us and blessed us. We have not walked at all times worthily. We have grieved You many a time. We thank You for the mercy that never fails for the multitude of our transgressions. May you use our week’s work and bless it. We have met many people, some of them only for a moment, in passing, and some of them many times. Bless to each of them our passing word or our friendship. We have sought to be kind to those who were in need or trouble; may You bless all our giving of alms, all our visits to the sick or poor, all our efforts to help others in any way. Forgive our omissions of love’s duty, when we passed by on the other side. We remember this evening, the many people around us in various conditions and circumstances. Some are Your own children; let a blessing rest upon them. Make them more and more worthy, true-hearted, whole-hearted Christians. Some of them are careless, drifting away from Jesus. Have mercy upon these, and save them from the perils of their course. Some of them are far from You, do not know You. We beseech You to send Your Spirit to convict them and bring them to repentance. We remember . . . the poor in their poverty, the sick in their suffering and pain, and the sorrowing in their distress. Let a blessing rest upon the little children for whom no prayer rises in their own homes. Turn the hearts of all prayerless parents to their children, that they may plead with You for them. Fold us now in Your almighty arms, for Jesus’ sake. Amen. #taptapstudio #youdevotion

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