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Helen Keller (born June 27, 1880) 1882 came down with a “Mysterious disease.” At the time, doctors called it “brain fever” it is believed that it was either meningitis or scarlet fever. She eventually recovered, but it left her deaf and blind.

I can’t imagine living a life in total darkness and silence, but it is something that I take for granted. The musical sound of birds chirping on an early spring morning, the sound of a voice as they talk excitingly about something that happened earlier in the day.

What would it be like getting up at sunrise and watching it slowly lift up from the Earth’s horizon? Then sitting back to enjoy it setting ever so slowly, but much too quickly, signaling the coming of the night?

From the age of two until her death on June 1, 1968, her life was total darkness and quiet. But, in her eighty-eight years, she lived a life more fully than I could ever imagine living. Her sense of living was based not on what she heard or saw; it was built around what she felt, her raw emotions. In other words, what was in her heart.

For those of us who are blessed with all senses, the sun always rises in the east and always sets in the west. We know this because we can see it.

We hear so many sounds throughout the day that all sound’s we here run together so much that we ignore what we hear. The world is so cluttered with different voices wanting different things that we begin to hear none of it. We become closed off and insensitive, only pretending to listen.

We live in a fast-paced world, and with no sign of it slowing down, it will be harder and harder to see and hear through our hearts. When Moses made his demands to Pharoah, the king’s heart hardened because he could not see the hardships that the people of Israel were suffering at his hands. He refused to listen to the cries of God’s people, knowing that if he really heard, he knew that his dream of becoming the greatest Pharoah would not be fulfilled.

We have become so focused on our own dreams and desires that there is no room for the heart. Without the heart, we lose the greatest gift God has given us, the ability to see and hear.

Does that mean that I wish my life was like Hellen Keller’s? Of course not, but I hope that I would not have wasted the sixty-plus years of my life only seeing with my eyes and listening with my ears. I wish that I would have led with my heart to have a better understanding of Helen Keller’s world. More importantly, really enjoy the sunset in all its glorious colors, and listen to those around me so that I can hear the cries of help or the joy of someone else’s happiness.

My prayer is that I can spend the rest of my life learning how Helen Keller lived her entire life through the eyes and ears of the one true creator. To see not through tunnel vision but with our whole body and soul see all that is around me.

The world does not revolve around me, but it revolves around the one who made us, and loves us.

That is my fervent prayer.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live a life in total darkness and silence.

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