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Evening Prayer 06/08/2022

Read tonights devotion. Press link below

Evening Prayer We thank You, our Father, for the privilege of trusting You, and abiding in Your love. We thank You that in this great world of peril, You are accessible everywhere, that wherever we are we, can find You — and, finding You, be safe. You are a very present help in times of trouble. You are our refuge and our rock, our high tower, our deliverer and our shield. We are glad that we are Your redeemed children, and that You care for us with infinite tenderness. We rejoice in the privilege of having You for our hearts’ home. We are Yours, O God, for You have made and redeemed us. We would confess ourselves Yours, and would consecrate ourselves to You. We have tried to serve You today, and to be faithful to You. Wherein we have failed — may You forgive us. We bring the broken things of our obedience and service now to Your feet — we have nothing but broken things to bring. Accept them in Jesus’ precious name, and use them in Your service. We have many interests that are dear to our hearts on which we would ask Your blessing at the close of the day. Bless our common task-work. It is not easy. Much of it is wearisome — the same rounds day after day. May the very routine do us good, teaching us to be patient and diligent, to be prompt and energetic, and to be earnest and faithful. May these tasks all be part of the Father’s business, and may we do all of them in the name of Jesus, and thus find joy and delight in them. We pray also for all our spiritual interests, the things that concern our souls. Let nothing harm us. May all things work together for good to us. Receive us now to rest in Your care, we ask in Jesus’ precious name. Amen. #taptapstudio #youdevotion

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