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How often have you told someone who is having a difficult time to “get over it?” Or, how many times has it been said to you? That seems to be the stock answer; when someone is angry about something or feeling sorry for themselves. After all, everyone has their own problems; why should they be any different?

Unfortunately, their problems are important to them; the pain and hurt they are going through are real. To them, nobody can understand what they are going through at that moment and time. As humans by nature, we are very self-involved; when things aren’t going our way, we tend to feel sorry for ourselves. Sure, things will get better, and the pain will eventually go away, but at the time, it is genuine.

Love, self-confidence, happiness, anger, sadness, and despair are human emotions. Emotions are with us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. We feel them just as strongly as the wall in front of us; they are a part of our gifts. The hard part is learning to live with and control them so they don’t take over our very being.

When someone shows anger or despair, they are crying out for help; it signals that they have lost control of their emotions. It’s a cry for help, whether they realize it or not. The worst thing we can do for someone who has lost control is to tell them to “get over it.” That is to say, to bury it, it isn’t real.

Sometimes, the person needs someone to listen to them and let them get it out of their system. Other times just a few words of encouragement, showing them you understand. While at different times, an “emotional” check is needed, something to bring them back to reality, a stern but gentle, “get your feelings under control.”

These last few years have been a challenge for everyone around the globe. Sickness and loneliness have affected almost everyone at one time or another. The healing process will take time, but we will heal and learn to get our emotions in check.

The best thing to do to help one another is to let that tiny voice inside of you, you know, the still, small voice that is there one minute then is gone. Guide you with the right words or actions that can help someone who has lost control of their emotions to once again feel at peace. And, if you are suffering, allow yourself to be guided back with the gentle words of someone who genuinely cares and understands.

“Father, we thank you for the gift of emotions; sometimes, we let these gifts overwhelm us and take control. Let us not be so wrapped up in how we feel that we don’t listen to those who really care. And, when it is our turn to listen, show us how to best help the person in need.”

In your holy name, we pray, AMEN!

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