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Daily Devotion for 06/10/2022

Create in me a pure heart, oh God, and renew a steadfast spirit in me.”            PSALM 51:10

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David knew he had sinned with his relationship with Bathsheba and ultimately sending her husband into battle in which he was killed. He knew in order to receive God’s mercy he first had to admit that he was a sinner, not only against Bathsheba and her deceased husband, but he also sinned against God. He then had to prove his repentance with his actions, before giving praise and thanks

The oringinal sin was committed by Adam and Eve when they were convinced by the snake to eat of the tree of knowledge. For their punishement they were thrown out of the garden, never to return. God knew that they could not possibly live up to the rules he had given them, but he also gave them the free will to make their own decision and to pay the consequences of those actions.

The good news though, is that he has not left us with no hope. To receive God’s forgiveness all we have to do is admit that we are not perfect, and will never be perfect. We must realize that the only perfect one gave his life so we would not have to pay for our sins with death, because he had already died for us.

David was forgiven because he acknowledged he was a sinner, we must admit the same, but the judge only needs to hear two words from our mouths, and those two words are I repent and you will be judged innocent in the eyes of the Lord.

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