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God of second chances!

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After an overnight rainfall, the scene is filled with a bounty of colors; a female cardinal landing on a fence looks around before flying away. The sounds of birds fill the air as they sing their songs to each other. The morning sun filtered through the thin white clouds giving a sparkling sheen to the landscape.

Now, in their entire summer wardrobe, the trees are swaying in the gentle breeze, showering rain droplets on the green grass below. The soft music of windchimes plays in the background as I watch the mesmerizing movement of the swinging chimes; as if in a dance on a ballroom floor.

All these sights and sounds of this late spring morning remind me of how each sunrise brings us a brand new day, filled with endless sights and sounds of the unique gift that has been given us. It gives us a second chance to see God’s love for us. Three hundred sixty-five days a year, he gives us yet another opportunity to see the world as he meant it to be seen.

Then, as the sun begins to set. The evening light gives us yet another glimpse of God’s creation. Filled with every color imaginable, the sun gives way to the new softer glow of the moon, surrounded by millions of stars. A much softer light casts down on the earth below.

The day comes full circle as it begins all over again, the same but yet different, each opening giving us a different perspective than the day before.

One of my favorite albums is from a group called “The Moody Blues” they were one of the first groups that combined orchestra and rock into their music. The name of the album was “days of Future Past.” The album starts with the beginning of the day and ends with the night. Each of the seven songs brings to life a different time of day; the album never fails to put me in a reflective mood.

The proof that God’s love for us is in the gift of a new day, a fresh start. A chance to begin anew, leaving behind the mistakes that we have made, giving us a second chance to live the life he wants us so deeply to live.

Each day is new hope, a new beginning, and a chance to fix broken relationships. To listen to those in need and help the broken-hearted. To learn to trust in one another, but more importantly, to learn to trust the one who is the most trustworthy.

Each day is a gift of second chances; let’s take advantage of those chances, starting today.

listen to the first song of the album “days of future past”

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