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You are who you were meant to be!

I worked for my father for almost twenty-five years, during which time I struggled with self-confidence. My father was a very hard person to work under because he never admitted that he was wrong. I can remember him telling me on more than one occasion that the only time he has ever been wrong was when he thought he was, but of course he wasn’t. I must admit that more times than not he was right, but on the occasions that he was, he would make me doubt myself making me feel that I could do nothing right. 

That caused in my mind a total lack of confidence, and I constantly questioned myself. Those years caused a rift between me and my father because, regardless of him meaning to or not, he would make me feel inferior. There was nothing that I could do to please him, whatever I did was never enough.  

Our relationship could never get past these issues, at least not until a few years before he passed away. During those last years, we began to have conversations about those early times. Though he still had an arrogance about him, he did acknowledge that I knew what I was doing and that I had good head on my shoulders. I will never forget those final years that we had together. In those last few years, we grew to know more about each other than we did in the previous sixty years. 

During the two and a half years after his death I have learned a lot about myself, as well as my father. I learned that I am more like him than I wanted to admit. I have an arrogance about me, that was probably caused by my lack of confidence. I also understand his arrogance as well. He was a very competitive person, and though he was very close to his brother he also was a little jealous of him. He was very successful and by our standards wealthy.  

But the main thing that I have learned about myself is that until I learn to believe in myself, I would always doubt myself. And, as long as I doubted myself, I would never carry out what I want to do.  

I have always wanted to put into writing my thoughts, my struggles and the faith that has kept my head above water. It is because of this faith that I am finally beginning to fulfill my dream, and in fulfilling this dream I hopefully can help at least one person believe in themselves and to reach for their dreams. 

It has taken many years, and many ups and downs to get where I am today but the journey has been an adventure that makes me appreciate even more where I am at today. As well as the journey that is ahead of me. And for that I thank God, that he allowed me to take this journey. 

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