Perfect Timing!

Throughout my life, I have always assumed that everything will always work out how it is meant to.  On the other hand, I am not the most patient person in the world. Suppose I want something. I want it NOW, not in a month or even a week but right at this moment. Or, as a child, when Christmas came and went, I started looking forward to the next Christmas. It’s a strange combination, but it is just how I am. I have learned to be a little more patient, Christmas no longer seems such a long way away, and my birthday now comes way too quickly. I realize that time comes and goes way too fast to wish it out for something you don’t need right now. Life on this earth is too short not to enjoy the beauty around us and learn to appreciate the things that come our way at the right time.

Our lives are filled with what-ifs; what if I had chosen the career path I wanted when I finished High School? I would not have started dating my future wife of over forty years, having three great boys and three fantastic grandchildren. I would not have had the chance to repair my relationships with my parents before they passed away. My life would be different if the path I had chosen were different at any time during my life.

On our honeymoon back in 1978, we were heading to Treasure Island, Florida. We wanted to make it to Chattanooga, Tennessee, for our first stop. I had never travelled a long distance before and was beginning to become tired. I remember passing a vehicle on my right about fifty miles from Chattanooga. My wife had dozed off a few minutes earlier. The next thing I remember is waking up on the rock at the side of the road going over seventy miles an hour. Somehow, I was able to get the car back on the highway, spinning around twice before getting the vehicle straightened out. Then within moments, the car we had passed by earlier passed us. My wife woke up while we were spinning and was wildly shaken up. She has not been able to sleep while on vacation since, and we did not make it to Chattanooga.

There are moments in our lives when things happen that affect what happens after; the timing at times may seem a little confusing to us. But it’s not confusing to God that his timing is always perfect; it’s right on schedule. Though it took a few years to realize it, the things that happen in my life happen at just the right time, and the decisions I chose have a direct relationship to the direction my life takes.

Does that mean that our lives are set in stone for us, that there is nothing we can do to change direction? No, we are still free to choose our path, but there will be little nudges and pushes along the way. Once we open our eyes and hearts to those nudges, we can begin to see the glorious plan God has in store for us, making those choices more meaningful and joyous.

beautiful landscape of a lake and mountains covered in fog
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