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The Beatitudes: Part 2

Blessed are those who mourn!

The year was 1983, Nancy and I had taken David who was at the time ten months old, over to my grandparents house. Growing up, the parents of my father have had more influence on me than any one else have ever had, then and since. I don’t think that there had ever been anyone to have known them that didn’t love them. There was not a thing that they would not do, for those in need, and their faith especially my grandmothers was as strong and sincere as anyone that I have ever known.

I can remember my grandmother sitting on the couch,with David sitting right next to her. I could just see the love in her eyes as David smiled up at her. We took a picture of her and David so we could put it in a locket that she could wear and remember the time they spent together.

Who knew that would be the last time we would ever see her alive. The following Wednesday, while at work, my mom, who was working with me, received a call from my dad. That spring, the Mississippi River had flooded to historic levels, closing roads and shutting down towns up and down the river, from Minnesota to Louisiana. On that early Wednesday morning, my grandparents were on the way to the mall across the river in Missouri. The bridge crossing the river was split into an upper section coming back into Illinois and a lower section leaving Illinois into Missouri. Because of the rising waters, the lower chamber was closed, routing both directions to use the upper level.

Travelling east back toward Illinois, another elderly couple either didn’t realize or forgot about the closure and was passing another car. They slammed head on into my grandparent’s car throwing my grandmother through the windshield and onto the ground, fortunately her death was instant. At that time seatbelts wearing was not a law, and because she suffered in pain so much that she physically could not wear one. My grandfather suffered broken ribs by the steering wheel, he was wearing his seatbelt.

I will always have the memories of that last Sunday evening with the talking and laughter that filled my grandparents house, but I also will have the vivid memories of the Wednesday morning phone call and the tears that my mom and I shared.

At that time, I know that we shared the tears with our Father in Heaven, just as I did, when my mother passed ten years later and the death of my father in 2020. I know that every tear that has ever been shed by us on earth was shed equally by all in heaven.

The second Beatitude “Blessed are those who mourn” reminds us that there is a better place for those who are suffering here on earth. A place where the sick is no longer sick and the handicapped are no longer disabled. It’s a place where love is felt by all, no matter the circumstances of life here on earth.

That should bring a sense of peace to all those who have lost someone close to them. The pain and loss are real, but so is the knowledge that those who leave us for a better place, are waiting for the time that we will be with them once again.

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