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Sleeping through Life

The passing Storm

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned how much I enjoyed storms, whether it be daytime or nighttime. Starting with the approach of the dark storm clouds, then the lightning filling the air, followed closely by the echo of the thunder as it vibrated across the sky. The trees sway in the ever-increasing wind as the approaching storm gets closer. Then the rain droplets begin to fall to the ground slowly, building to a crescendo of heavy wind-driven raindrops pounding the ground below.

We had one of those storms last night, and I slept through it. When I woke up, my wife asked me if I had heard it; disappointedly, I had not. Wave after wave, the storms filled the air, and the only sounds or sights I heard were the dreams I don’t even remember; I had slept through the entire night without knowing what was happening around me.

How often do we sleep through life not having any idea of what’s happening in the world around us? Or how often do we ignore the beauty of God’s creation because we are caught up in our dreams and aspirations? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having our own visions of what we want in our lives. Without those dreams, our lives would be shallow and empty. But the point I am trying to make is if we don’t see the world around us, we only focus on ourselves; where is the enjoyment when our success coincides with what is real? Where is the appreciation when we have accomplished something that improves this world? Without that appreciation, we have nothing.

The good that came out of last night’s storm is it drove the humidity of the previous few days away. A cooler breeze fills the morning air as the clouds slowly give way to a blue sky. The flowers have a new vibrance as the rain provides new life to the world around us.

What is our impact on the world around us? Do we sleep through our lives only worried about how accomplishments affect our lives? Or do we keep our eyes wide open and look with pride that what we have done adds just a little bit of joy and inspiration, making this world a little more bearable for others to live in?

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