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Back to Basics: The fight for freedom!

July 4th, 1776, was the day that this country became the most extraordinary country ever known. Many argue the date of the founding of this country. That’s up to each to decide, but the truth is there is one reason the United States is so incredible. We have the right to have and express our own opinions. We don’t have to agree, but what we have to do is listen to one another. Not judge a person just because they have a different perspective. We may have heated debates with one another, but that’s OK; at least there is verbal contact. As long as we are talking and listening, we are doing what our founding fathers did and, frankly, what God wants us to do.

A recent poll shows that Americans are losing faith in the country, heading in the wrong direction. We are moving away from what has made us one of the most desired countries in the world. Where is this loss of faith coming from, and what can we do to save it? Or can it be saved? Throughout time, many of the most powerful nations in the world have fallen, never to recover.

The founding of the United States was built on a solid foundation, and that foundation was faith. Faith in one another, in-country, and most importantly, in God. Without faith and trust in God, there is no trust in one another or country. Instead, there is a division between all. In a world like that, no nation can survive. What is left is a Sodom and Gomorrah civilization that eventually crumbles to the ground. 

I am proud to be an American; I am proud to make a stand for the country I was born in. I am forever grateful for the rights bestowed on us by the founding fathers. I am thankful for those who fought and gave their lives so we could live freely and prosper in such a great country. 

I am also aware that there have been dark moments in our history. Times that when looked back upon, showed us that, as man, because man built it, the country has fallen short of our God-given values. In what was one of the darkest moments, the country was split in two over the right of one man owning another just because the color of the skin was not the same. The bloodiest war in American history was fought, causing thousands of young men to lose their lives, in the name of freedom for all. After the war ended the slaves were given their freedom, but still struggled with equality, but because of who we are as humans, through legislation (talking) and the willingness of the American people to change we are in a much better place today. There are still issues and we need to continue keeping the doors of communication open and letting our words and our hearts lead us in the right direction.

The soul of our country is being torn apart on so many levels from the leadership down to individual families. One of the biggest issues of today is when the beginning of life start. Does it start with conception or does it start with the first breath the baby makes out of the comfort of the mothers womb. One side believes the mother should have the right to decide while the other side fights for the right of the unborn, those who cannot make a decision of their own. I am on the latter side, BUT, I am willing to have a meaningful conversation with those who don’t agree with me. Those who are just as passionate with their beliefs, that is the only way we can sustain a God fearing life is by talking. Once that door is closed the only way to open it is to go back one-hundred and sixty years and fight a different civil war, a war that this time we may not survive. 

I know that this writing is a little different than most I write, I know that there is a sense of doom in the words. But, the feelings that I have are real, I am frightened at the direction this country is heading. I am afraid that all humanity is heading down a road in which there will be no light to follow, and I am afraid until we get back on the right track it will be too late, love and harmony will be forgotten words.

Faith, Hope, and Love is the way back. We need faith in each other and we need faith for the one who created us. We need hope that we can learn to live with each other peacefully, and the only way we can do that is to really listen to one another and not judge one another by our beliefs. 

Without the first two gifts, we will never have the third and most important, Love. Love is the one gift that binds us together, starting with ourselves, then our families, communities, then country, finally all humanity,

Our country was founded on our Christian beliefs, a belief that no man stands above another, no matter their circumstances. Each man, woman and child is equal in the eyes of a loving God. I hope and pray that someday soon; we can get back to those roots, judging not what is on the outside, but more importantly accepting what is on the inside. Our spirit is what will be taken into Heaven when it is time. That is the gift, that is the promise that God has given us. To GOD be the Glory!


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