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Wisdom vs. Book Smart

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Proverbs 3:15

I am sure that at some point in your life, you have come across someone with all the “book” knowledge anyone could ever need. But when it came to common sense (wisdom), they seemed to have left it at the train station. They struggled to find their place in society because they couldn’t figure out how to put all this knowledge to work for them in everyday life. They had struggled to find and keep friends; long-term relationships were out of the question; they just couldn’t fit in. They develop an air of arrogance to hide how they truly feel about themself and how they are perceived.

Wisdom and knowledge to me come from totally different parts of the body, as well as different areas of life. Each area is vital in itself, but one you don’t need to survive while the other is tough to live a happy life without. One is world achieved while the other comes from within. The brain is to knowledge what the heart is to wisdom. A person gains knowledge by going to school, while wisdom comes from living your life and learning from not only the good things that happen but also the bad.

How one lives their life is “graded” on how they handle situations that interrupt the normal and how they react when they get thrown off course. Each life situation has different paths, and no amount of schooling will lead you down the right one. You have to follow what comes from your heart.

So as you get on the train of life, don’t leave your heart at the station. Take it with you and leave it very close by, ensuring you get on the correct train to your final destination.

And by the way, that ticket is free!

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