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Keep your eyes on the heavens above!


Last night, I took Zoey out for the last time before heading off to bed. I looked up to the sky as I do on every occasion; the moon, about three-quarters full, shone brightly behind the shadows of a tree. It was a beautiful summer night; the stars twinkled brightly throughout the cloudless sky. I felt a sense of peace as I gazed into the heavens in amazement as if I could see through the universe to where it all began.

Photo taken on 7/10/2022

But years ago, looking at the night sky did not have the same effect as it does today. Before becoming a Christian, my thoughts of God and creation were one of total confusion. Part of me couldn’t comprehend the concept of a living God, which formed not only the universe but also created life. When I looked up into the sky, all I could see were miles and miles of nothing, with a few stars filling it in. I couldn’t visualize heaven anywhere where a God watched over his kingdom.

On the other hand, how could the universe, the earth, and more importantly, man himself come about in such a haphazard way as the “big bang.” Our body makeup was just too complicated to have developed from a particle of dust. The complexity of the human body could not have come from the body of a monkey.

All these conflicting ideas kept me “dazed and confused” I would go back and forth from spiritual to the scientific. Over the years, circumstances that I could not understand at the time began to change my idea of the beginning of life. It became harder and harder for me to believe in the concept of scientific thinking. It no longer made sense that two asteroids collided and life was formed.

It became much easier to believe in God, a Creator that formed the universe; the planet then filled the earth with life. A God that created trees, flowers, birds, and the moon and stars for us to look with wonder and joy.

Proverbs 3:19 makes God’s plan abundantly clear.  Creation is a gift that we should cherish and should not be taken  for granted. Every step of the way was planned with love and care, finally ending with the greatest gift of all, life.

That is the wisdom of the one who knows all, that is the one who has the knowledge of all.

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