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Strong Foundation

Luke 6:48 (ESV) he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.

The past is the starting foundation of the future. How the foundation was built will leave a pathway of choices that can be made. Will it be built on solid rock so that it will withstand all the storms that life will cast upon it? Or will it be built on sand? Where the strength of the winds blows away the particles until there is nothing left and the foundation itself turns to dust, then eventually blows away. never to be seen again.

Over time, the foundation will develop cracks and eventually left unattended, will start to collapse. A strong foundation needs to be built on solid ground, but it also needs to be constantly nurtured and looked after, as a bridge must be checked constantly to make sure all who drive it are kept safe and protected. Any sign of weakness in the structure must have immediate attention, or it will collapse; costing the lives of all who were on it. Once it falls, it is too late to save it and another will have to be built to take its place.

Families must have that strong foundation to help support all the lives that travel along its path. The family members  must be on the lookout for any cracks that may develop along the way. How this is done will decide if the family stays strong and cohesive, or falls in on itself, scattered in every direction.

Whether it’s our family or those nearby, we must contribute to a solid foundation for everyone. We must be alert for any potential cracks by keeping our eyes and ears attentive. Maintaining open lines of communication and being prepared to spend the time and effort to actually listen to individuals who are pleading for assistance, are the only ways that we will be able to do this. Show them that we love them and that we understand the misery they are going through.

We as a society must begin to fill in the cracks of our foundation, we must plant the seed of hope and love for the next generation, and that hope is based on nothing less than the love of God who is and always will be the rock of our salvation.

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