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  1. Believe In You!

no matter what others think

Note: Antonio Munoz is a successful actor, but his life didn’t start out that way. He was kind enough to share his story to help others. When I asked him why he sent it in he replied graciously, ” I hope maybe it might help others to do better in life.” I think we can all learn about passion and determination thanks to Antonio.

Remember, obstacles are only obstacles if you let them be obstacles.

Antonio Munoz was born and raised in Guatemala City. He started racing motor-cross when he was only eleven years old. During the third year of racing, he suffered a major accident, leaving him with major facial fractures and the loss of taste and smell.

Never resigned to be the victim of any circumstance, he continued racing after the accident, which he did professionally for twenty years and held the National Champion title not once but three times.

He has since been driven to appreciate the tastes and textures in all aspects of life and the human condition. After another unfortunate accident, he was forced to put his love for motor cross racing on the back burner, while he moved onto go-kart racing (125 shifters) where he excelled, achieving the “rookie-of-the-year” title during his first year.

In July 2000, he arrived in the US and soon started living the American Dream on the receiving end of a very lucrative BMW sales position, achieving a top sales’ record in the company soon after he arrived.

A strong believer in living and relentlessly following one’s passion, Antonio walked away from the American financial dream to pursue his real passion for acting, despite the strong resistance and skepticism manifested by colleagues and people who insisted he had to be crazy to chase after something he had no chances of succeeding at.

As a testament to his tenacity and self-belief, Antonio had his first break only six months after he started his acting pursuits. Desmond Gumbs, a director on Straight Out (2003), (his first movie) took a great risk on Antonio’s raw talent and cast him in a major plot-driver role. His desire for intense competition and speed quickly translated into an unstoppable and unconditional commitment to his work as an actor and to collaborating with other artists.

Soon after he signed with the biggest talent agency in San Francisco and again, always challenging his comfort zones, Antonio moved to Los Angeles in search of greater and more diverse work opportunities. Since then he has worked on the top-rated shows “Nip/Tuck” (2003), “24” (2001) with Kiefer Sutherland, The King of Queens, “Dragnet” (2003), “Karen Sisco” (2003), the miniseries “Kingpin” (2003) TNT’s “Wanted” (2005), as well as in the feature films London (2005), Straight Out (2003), The Rundown (2003) and Spanglish (2004) with Adam Sandler.

Additionally, he has been seen in television and editorial commercials (Bank Of America, Ernest & Julio Gallo Wines and 21st Century Insurance) as well as industrials for The Discovery Channel.

“This is what I’ve achieved since I came to US 5 years ago. People called me “Crazy & Stupid” for quitting my job and trying Acting. This was because I was making a six-figure salary at that time at my work. But I didn’t listen to any one, I listen to my Heart and I believe in Me.”

“So if I was able to do so in the acting since start, and I didn’t even speak English when I came to US five years ago, I believe anybody can make any Dream come True or Goal in His or Her life, right?”

“So follow your Heart and your Dreams always, because we only have one Life to Live, and never let other one’s Choose for you.”

— Antonio Munoz




                                 FINAL THOUGHTS                              

Blowin’ In The Wind

My mind is like the falling leaves on a windy, fall afternoon. Thoughts invade my mind starting slowly then building to a crescendo of non-stop messages. Each going their seperate ways, swaying this way and that by the gently blowing breeze. Sometimes the thoughts get intertwined with each other, good, bad, indifferent. Then they gently fall to the ground with a soft thud, disappearing into the long-forgotten thoughts of the past. Only to be replaced by other thoughts of different colors.

But, like the leaves of fall, which nourish the ground they fall on, as it prepares itself for the coming spring. The long-forgotten thoughts don’t completely go away. They nourish my mind and shape the way that I feel about myself, and those around me. Those forgotten thoughts allow me to see the world around me, whether good or bad. They allow me to talk quietly with God, and sometimes letting Him talk to me.

But, how do I distinguish between the good and the bad thoughts? How do I only watch the colorful leaves fall from the sleeping trees while paying no attention to the brown and dead leaves as they fall much quicker to the ground below?

What is the answer? Listen for the voice of the Father, let the still small voice of the one who loves you, nourish you, and bring forth new spiritual growth. I am the person God intended me to be, but there is room for growth. And, I pray that I will except that still small voice from the greatest gift of all, the one they gave his life so that I may live.


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