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2. Seek God Digligently

Today’s study is about spending time in God’s word. Do we know what God wants from us? Are we spending enough time in his word to know the answer? In these troubled times, does your heart seek answers? I know that mine does.

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Check out this article: 2. Seek God Digligently  From the series: KingdomNomics Applied

Life has a way of getting in the way, of spending time with God.  Before I used the excuse of work, then when I retired I was too busy doing things I didn’t get done because I worked. (Which I still haven’t finished). I realize that for me they were just excuses. No matter how much time I thought I didn’t have, I had enough time to do things that kept me away from Him and His word.

What is your excuse? What “important” things happening in your life right now are keeping you from a complete relationship with the Father? Are they true reasons or are they excuses? You have to decide.

All God wants from us is to spend a few minutes in our busy schedule to talk to him and to seek HIM first. He will take care of the rest.

How do you spend time with God? What struggles are you having. Enter these in the comments below. And, let’s pray for each other as we take this journey of love and Faith

God bless and have a blessed day

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