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5. Discover God’s Purpose for You

Check out this article: 5. Discover God’s Purpose for You From the series: KingdomNomics Applied

My thoughts

When I first became a Christian I was under the belief that doing God’s work was “doing God’s work”, so I made the decision that I would quit my job, go to seminary school and become a minister. That I believed was my calling from God.

I soon realized, “with the help of my more sensible wife” that I did not have the patience or the financial ability to leave my job, and start that new journey. At least at that time.

But what was God wanting me to do?

Through the years I came to realize that it wasn’t the job that was what God wanted from me. Instead it was how I did my job, and how I represented myself in any job I did. How did people see me as I went about doing the task at hand?

So what is God’s work?

1. Working hard and with a purpose of completing job assigned

2. Not being judgemental of co-workers

3. Patience

4. Showing respect to all

5 .Willing to help others when they are struggling

6. Listen

7. Don’t put on a front. Be who you are at all times.

In other words, as Jesus was; you should be also. You don’t have to push God to get your point across, you just have to live it in everything you say and do.

If you can show your love for God to just one person in your lifetime and then see the change in them, then you have done your work.

Doing the work of God is not what you do, but it is how you go about it. The way you show the Love of God in everything you say and do. So whether you are a doctor or a laborer, or even a stay-at-home parent, you are doing what God intends you to do at this time and moment.

Are we going to accomplish everything that God wants us to do? No! But in a way failure is another sign of doing the work of the Father. We are human not God. How we learn and grow in a way is by showing our love for our creator, because what he wants us to do as believers he will do ten-fold for us.

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